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The Premier Composites Approved Roofer Club

Welcome to the Premier Composites Approved Roofer Club! Our scheme is designed to recognise and reward roofers who have a passion for GRP roofing and who go above and beyond in their work.


To join the club, roofers must demonstrate a passion for the business, loyalty to Premier Composites, and a commitment to learning. Our selection process is rigorous, and only the very best roofers are accepted into the scheme.

As an Approved Roofer, you will have:

Official status on our app – As an approved roofer, you will receive an official listing on our app, which will help you attract new customers.

Exclusive discounts – You will enjoy exclusive discounts on all of our products and services.

Dedicated support – We provide dedicated support to all of our approved roofers, so you can always count on us for help when you need it.

Improved branding – As an approved roofer, you will benefit from improved branding and visibility amongst potential customers.

Increased business opportunities – Being part of the scheme gives you access to any GRP roofing business opportunities that are enquired through Premier Composites.

We are looking for roofers who share our commitment to quality and customer service, and who want to lead by example in the GRP roofing industry. If this sounds like you, then Premier Composites would love to hear from you.

For more information on the Approved Roofer Club before we launch, or to join, please contact us at or enquire through our website contact form. We will send you more information about the scheme, and how to join so you can get a headstart before we launch officially.

Thank you for your interest in Premier Composites.

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