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How to Install a Composite Roof In 4 Steps

Preparing the substrate:

Before installing a composite roof, it is essential to ensure that the substrate is clean and secure. Any loose or damaged areas should be repaired, and any porous substrates like wood should be treated with a suitable waterproofing agent.

Laying down a base coat:

Once the substrate has been prepared, you can begin laying down your base coat. This will help create a smooth surface for installing the composite panels and provide additional protection against moisture infiltration.

Installing composite panels:

After the base coat has dried, you can then start installing your composite panels using appropriate adhesives or fasteners. Be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions carefully during this step in order to ensure a successful installation.

Applying the finishing touches:

After the composite panels have been installed, you can then apply any desired finishes like paint or sealants. This will help protect your roof from the elements and give it a polished look.

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