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Top 5 Quick Tips for Choosing the Right GRP Resin for Your Project

Consider the type of project you’re undertaking: The type of project you’re working on will dictate the properties your resin needs to have. For example, if you’re creating a mould, you’ll need a resin that has good casting properties. Consider the size and scope of your project: The size and scope of your project will […]

The Benefits of Using Composite Materials in Construction

What are the benefits of using composite materials in construction? Composite materials are becoming increasingly popular in construction due to their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. These materials can be used for a wide range of applications, including building foundations, structural supports, wall panels, windows and doors, and more. What are the most common composite materials […]

Materials and Techniques for Beginners

Introduction to Composite Materials Composite materials are made from two or more different materials that have been combined to create a new material with improved properties. The resulting material is generally stronger and lighter than the individual materials that were used to create it. Composites are commonly used in the construction industry, as they offer […]

Premier Composites Blog | GRP Roofing Installation Guide and Solutions

How to Use Trims and Fixings with Your GRP Roofing System

What are trims and fixings? Trims and fixings are components that are used to secure and finish off your GRP roofing system. These materials can help ensure a sturdy, leak-proof seal, making them an essential part of any roofing project. How do you use trims and fixings with your GRP roofing system? Trims and fixings […]

Why GRP is the Ideal Roofing Solution for Commercial Properties

Why GRP is the ideal roofing solution for commercial properties: GRP is a highly durable, low-maintenance material that is ideal for use in commercial roofing applications. It is resistant to fluctuations in temperature and exposure to the elements, making it an excellent choice for buildings that are consistently exposed to sunlight, wind, rain, or other […]

What is GRP?

What is GRP and what are its benefits? GRP, or glass reinforced plastic, is a composite material that consists of reinforcing fibres (typically glass) embedded in a resin matrix. This combination of materials results in a strong and lightweight material that is ideal for many applications. GRP is often used in the construction industry due […]

The Products and Services of Premier Composites

At Premier Composites, our online shop is your one-stop destination for all things composite. Whether you are looking for high-performance composites, adhesives, sealants, trims, fixings, or more, we have everything that you need to get started on your next project. Our products come from trusted brands and feature the latest technology, so you can be […]

Introducing: Premier Composites Online Shop

Introducing the Premier Composites Online Shop At Premier Composites, we are excited to announce the launch of our new online shop! Whether you are a professional builder looking for high-quality products and materials, or a DIY enthusiast looking to experiment with GRP products and materials, our online shop has everything you need.  What products and […]

How to Install a Composite Roof In 4 Steps

Preparing the substrate: Before installing a composite roof, it is essential to ensure that the substrate is clean and secure. Any loose or damaged areas should be repaired, and any porous substrates like wood should be treated with a suitable waterproofing agent. Laying down a base coat: Once the substrate has been prepared, you can […]

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